Georgia and South Carolina
Maritime Injury Attorneys with
Local Knowledge for
Injured Maritime Workers


Raley & Raley's Attorneys, Charles H. Raley, Jr. and Erin Brownfield Raley, are a husband and wife legal team with 43 (FORTY-THREE) years of combined experience practicing law.  We represent injured maritime workers in State and Federal Courts in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and other Southeastern states.

Our Clients are working people injured on docks, rivers, oceans, and vessels. Their jobs are dredge workers, longshoremen, tug deckhands, and other mariners

Sometimes our clients are folks involved in a recreational boating accident. 

Why hire us?

Maritime law is specialized.  We take pride in knowing the Admiralty and Maritime Law, in having experience in the State and Federal Trial and Appellate Courts who hear such cases, and in using our waterways to gain insight into our cases.



We call this Local Knowledge and use it to our Clients' advantage to obtain optimal results under the Admiralty and Maritime Law. Our role in your maritime injury case is to act as your Pilot, to assist you in navigating the unstable waters of injury, emotional turmoil, and financial setbacks to return to a port of safety.

  "As a profession, pilotage owes its existence to the infinite variety of navigation hazards currents, tides, sand bars, submerged objects, weather conditions, and the like that mark the harbors and rivers open to commercial vessels.  No matter how competent the master of a ship is at open sea, he cannot be expected to be familiar with the local navigation hazards of each harbor and river that he encounters as he conducts his ship in the course of a maritime trade. . . Accordingly, it has long been the practice of vessels to employ, for each port they enter and leave, a local pilot intimately familiar with the waters of that port to board and guide them through those waters in, from or back to the open sea. . ." Jackson v. Marine Exploration, 583 F.2d 1336, 1339 (5th Cir. 1978). 

Our pledge to you, using our Local Knowledge, is to deliver local, handmade, quality legal services. 







Contact Raley & Raley PC for additional information. Located in Savannah, our attorneys provide experienced counsel to clients with maritime personal injury claims. We practice throughout the coastal area of Georgia and South Carolina.